Hataraku Maou-Sama! [Review]

Get out of the gate…. True sky!

Hataraku Maou Sama, or The Devil is a Part Timer is a slice of life anime about a Dark Lord and his underlings failing to concur a world in a parallel universe and escapes to Earth, Japan to be more precise and the anime is about them trying to fit in and eventually taking a liking to this world.

The characters: Well, the characters are introduced in a very good pace, even though at the end it seems a bit “crowded” there wasn’t the confusion of who each character is or what her personality is and it is good that each character plays a major role in their respective arcs yet doesn’t disappear after they are needed.

This background is pretty ingenious if you think about it – You explain why they have super powers without needing to explain, you explain the bad relationship between the two characters so that the classic tsundere can happen so kudos to the writer for that.  The anime, with a few alterations, transcripts the first 2 (out of currently 8) volumes of the light novel, however I did not read the light novel yet so I am writing this purely based on the anime.

The anime is quite funny from the start till the end; we are able to adjust to the mood quite well even though I hate the opening (especially its opening line) the rest was pretty aright but I want to give a shout out to the insert song when Maou regains his power, it was very well done and I could literally feel that the baddies are screwed the ending wasn’t too bad I guess but it’s not something that made me want listen to it either.

Ah, the ending, well, since I finished this anime quite late, I got to see the comments about it saying that “it was such a lousy ending for such a great anime” and the likes, but when I watched it myself, it was okay, well actually, it was hilarious! Katsu-DOOM! Hahah! It was good that they had one episode to sort of act as the epilogue to say that they are all doing well and up to their own troubles again but then again, what ending did the rest expect from a slice of life comedy? It’s way too fast for the two main characters to confess and way to sad if they were to part ways and go back, besides, that would ruin any continuation possibilities (unless you’re gonna do like like Dog Days Season 2 but….) It was also weird that every time Maou regain his powers he would use up practically all to fix the mess and  not have enough, I mean, that’s a very lousy reason – Why couldn’t Emi restore the mess? She can easily replenish her scared powers!

I am definitely looking forwards to a season 2 but they’ll have to do an even better job! However, I want to see how this progresses because even though I said it was a very good backstory to get the two starting in the wrong foot, there will be no denying that Maou did kill Emi’s father and villagers so unless it’s a very good reason or they suddenly all revive thanks to Maou’s power I don’t see how those two can be together (I read somewhere that Maou also has his own troubles too)

Counclusion: Great story, very entertaining, very lovable characters. I hate the opening but love its insert songs and would watch season 2 if it comes out 😀


4 thoughts on “Hataraku Maou-Sama! [Review]

  1. I think the plot wasn’t necessarily getting a liking to the world they are stranded in, more how to conquer it. Eventually it grew into something that turned to liking:p

    Overall the show was pretty decent, but I must admit that I liked the interactions of Maou and his companion with Japan more than the fact that they were from another world. Of course it was unavoidable that they had to move to that event some point in time.

    1. Oh haha – I guess I didnt word it too well 😛

      I would agree on that too, their comedic actions (especially on the first 2 episodes) were what brought me back and kept me wanting to watch more of the anime 🙂

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