Love Live! School Idol Project [Review]

I sayyyyyyyyyy hey Hey HEY! Start:Dash!



Take a moment and think about this: if your school is closing due to low applicants, what would you do?

Well, if you are the same as Kousaka Honoka, you’d try to save it. Even if it means trying to follow the current trend of School Idols!

That’s basically the story, an all-girls school is closing down and 9 girls from all of the levels including the student council president form a School Idol Group, pronounced as muse, in an effort to gain popularity and garner interest to join their school.

First of all, they sing really well, before the anime was even announced, the voice actors were already sourced and had released several singles under the fictional idol group’s name. However, the short season meant that there wasn’t nearly enough episodes to build a cast of characters to be repeatable (on a side note: Angel Beats excelled on that area because there was 3 characters that needed attention). There was only one to two episode for each of the three girls in each year and so all I could see is that they are all shy at the start and then opened up after some probing from their respective friends. This does not explain various personality issues though, like why Maki is tougher than the rest (implied to be because she’s rich and prideful?) Why Nico was visibly jealous over Maki’s wealth (was she poor?) AND why does Nozomi have a fetish! Does that even make sense to have in a character?!?

Apart from that, the story/plot and drawing got really sloppy at the second half – I could see that they were trying to pile obstacles over problems to make the situation seem really… Really… Huh, what did they want to achieve again? I could not quite get whether they wanted us to dislike Kotori/sympathize Honoka or…. ?

Although I was surprised that the group pulled out from Love Live but in the end, it sort of still got it’s message of following your dreams and not giving up, with the “We’ll join again next year!” And the girls from A-RISE getting amazed by Muse and of course the new entry notification from Love Live just as the anime ends, but I largely attribute it to the very nostalgic song of Start:DASH sung by all nine members of the group.

Well, so there you have it – My thoughts of Love Live: School Idol Project. It definitely had potential, but the series was too short for them to give the characters much background and to be honest, the plot isn’t that good either… neither was the art. I mean, I really liked the first half of the series but the second half didn’t live up as well as the first half.

It seems that there is a season 2 planned for this series, well, I have mixed feelings about it – On one side, I really like their songs and dance, on the other hand, they don’t seem to have good story plots. This time though, they would most likely participate in Love Live and (hopefully) win. I would most probably watch it unless something crazy comes up. ( Currently on my waiting list is DAL season 2)


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