Log Horizon [Mid Series Impression]

Log Horizon… Where people get trapped in a game and this MC dislikes guilds. (and something about open pervert and a girl hating that)

When I first read the synopsis I was vividly reminded of SAO. (Lets not get into how good or bad the anime is… because the anime didn’t do the Light Novels justice)

So originally I was not interested in Log Horizon as I did not feel anything that made it stand out from its synopsis but in the end, I decided to give it a try (since I was distracting myself while waiting for the next episode of Machine Doll wa kitzutsukanai) and indeed there were quite a number of difference. (I havent read the Light Novels nor Manga of Log Horizon)

First of all, SAO was a death game were Game Over = You literally die in real life, however, in Elder tale (which is the game they are stuck in) you get revive in the cathedral (losing only experience and gold) which made me think “Then whats the point?” Well, apparently players were getting bullied and killed over and over unless they join guilds where they are still bullied. And our MC, Shiroe with his long friend (a Knight – I forgot his name) and a moe loli tsun Assasin.. Ata… Atatsuki (Sorry I don’t know how to spell her name) travels half of the game to the other region’s server to rescue a girl for the first part of the anime.

So, to address the question of “if you’re not gonna die when you’re killed how are you gonna make this interesting to watch?”. The first part of the anime made it so that if they died, they’ll be respawning half a game world away and the person they are supposed to rescue on this side of the world – meaning they cannot die or she will be captured.

The take on making this interesting is that mainly we are seeing how Shiroe (Who is a master tactician in a famous raid group) outsmart various eneimes.

Oh, this brings up another question : At the start of the few episodes, both the MC and the knight guy mention that “Fighting is different when you’re looking at the screen” and things similar to that, so I assumed they were playing something similar to WOW, until the update which sucked them into the game…. But in the middle episodes suggested they were already playing in preson before the incident started and also the flashback to when the girl invited Shiroe to join the Tea Party was in virtual space instead of a monitor (Tea Party = The legendary guild mentioned earlier)

Lastly, the anime is lacking a goal – See, they are stuck in the game after the update of a new expansion and no one knows what happens yes? So I presume we will be travelling to search for an answer, perhaps? SAO had the convenience of a supreme GM who told them they had to complete the game to be released, what about Log Horizon/Elder Tales? I hope both my questions get cleared up soon!

I apologise the frequent reference to SAO but it is natural for me to do that when the genre is so similar.

Hmmm…… This anime….. if only for the comedic value it is fairly worth your time watching… Plot wise, well, I’d have to see how it goes.


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