Hand Shakers: Guilty Crown Incarnated? [Mid Series Review]

Did you enjoyed guilty crown? Loved the characters and wished that there was a sequel?

Well, this is what Hand Shakers is to me!


The basic premise of Hand Shakers is very intriguing but not unique, it can best be explain as pairs of people are able to summon weapons (Guilty Crown) my holding hands, where they use this ability to to pvp with other pairs in an arena style deathmatch (ZatchBell) if they lose they will only lose the ability as Hand Shakers (Accel World) but if they defeat the rest, they will be able to supposedly meet God (No Game No Life) and have their wish fulfilled (…A lot of animes have this as their basic motive).

I thought I was interesting enough for me to give it a shot, and with Kadokawa being one of the producers, I had high hopes for it.

However, barely one episode in and I had waves of nostalgia hit me and I quickly realised that it was due to the uncanny similarities to Guilty Crown.

Guy unwilling roped in to this conflict by activating the weapon?

Only reason to fight is to protect the girl who can’t protect herself?


Kuudere that basically doesn’t speak?


Summons a giant sword as primary weapon?



I mean, look at this! LOOK! If you showed me this picture I would have said Inori like it’s the most obvious thing in the world!


Although much to my dismay, after doing a basic search on google, it doesn’t seem like the team that made Hand Shakers had much connection with Guilty Crown. Neither writer, animator, designers, nothing. All I can guess is either the concept artist really liked Guilty Crown or there were coincidences during design – I mean, pink haired kuudere that needs protection isn’t the most creative idea, and who wouldn’t want a giant ass sword as their poster weapon? But to me I will watch on as the spiritual successor to Guilty Crown: Reunion After Incarnation.

BUT! What if you’re did not watch Guilty Crown or are not a guilty crown fan? Is it still worth watching?

Strictly on it’s own, Hand Shakers is very similar to ZatchBell, in two episode arcs, the anime introduces another pair of Hand Shakers who inevitably fights with our main duo, you barely feel any connection but that is a drawback of all 12 episode animes – The lack of time to develop anyone but that MC. By the end of episode 5, the anime is shifting to the “Unravel the conspiracy behind” phase so this is where most animes live or die. If the motivation behind the professor is compelling or thought provoking, I can see the anime having more die hard fans but if it is filled with more cliché troupes, this is gonna end up as another one of those Hack and Slash action anime with ecchi elements.


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