Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale [Review]

Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale is a movie that all die hard completionist fans of SAO cannot miss out!

With Attack On Titans, Parasyte, Assassination Classroom and even Death Note getting movies, a franchise as big as Sword Art Online would not want to be left behind. Enter Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale.


Honestly, I was a huge fan of Sword Art Online, following its fan translated versions of its Light Novel even before the Anime was announced. As the anime became a huge hit (abit with people on both sides of the coin) it spanned spin offs, manga and about one console game a year.

In Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale, the release of Augmented Reality device, Augma, comes a new ARMMO, “Ordinal Scale” which takes the world by storm with its convenience and it’s Virtual Idol, Yuna

Kirito originally did not want to try Ordinal Scale, that is until GGO and ALO’s falling player rate forced the games to cancel in game events that Kirito decided to give Ordinal Scale a shot. His first fight is a big boss raid from the original SAO and as he fails spectacularly attempting to fight it, he realizes many aspects of Ordinal Scale that struck him and his gang as peculiar. So begins his dive into the mystery surrounding Ordinal Scale, Augma and the developers themselves.

The question comes: Is it worth the ticket price?

Well, when I said at the start of this post that this movie is a must watch for all Die Hard Completionist SAO fans. I literally meant for this group of people ONLY.

You might think I’m a bit harsh. Perhaps I am, but this is only because I wanted to like the franchise as a whole. Not just the light novel. Unfortunately I just didn’t like the way the anime was structured (chronologically, instead of following the order of the book), and how each game felt more and more like a cash cow. However, as I continued reading the light novels, you can see that (the author) has a lot of great ideas and continues to expand the world of SAO beautifully and moving it’s metaplot in a very engaging manner. So that is why I was quite disappointed with Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale.



  • What can I say? The general plot is the same: A wild new game appears! Kirito enters the game. Weird stuff happens. Kirito solves it. Saves the world!
  • Even the motivation is cliche. Parent who won’t stop at anything to revive their child? I’d admit I did feel sad when they showed the flashback for her background. But it never struck me as a good motivation.
  • The weak under appreciated kid who wants to prove everyone wrong by making a deal with the devil? Been there done that.



  • Like I said, if you’ve been fallowing SAO since it’s inception you would understand many of its references to past events as it links back to SAO and ALO, which adds a nice amount of fluff and flavor to your entire SAO storyline experience. Including showcases of never before seen boss monsters from SAO including the Final Level Boss Monster. (which I could have sworn was revealed in the original SAO to be Heathcliff waiting for them at level 100)
  • All our dearly loved main characters from SAO, ALO and GGO have important roles in this movie. Which includes of cameo appearances of characters like Yuuki and Recon to the ALO guild leaders.
  • Great fight scenes with great flashy explosions with a kaleidoscope of colors showing ultimate moves of characters upon characters (including Yuki X Yuuki, Kirito’s Dual Blades)
The question isn’t if it’s worth it for me, but if it will be worth it for you.

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