A Silent Voice Movie [Review]

A Silent Voice or Koe No Katachi is a very deep movie that touches on sensitive subjects like bullying, suicide, people with disability (female lead is deaf) and friendships. It may be a romantic comedy, but it’s nothing I’ve ever seen.

It’s a breath of fresh air to see a great story that doesn’t have any supernatural/fantasy elements, yet can bring out a romantic comedy without the cliche scenes (falling onto the girls chest, or walking into her changing) and can successfully convey a meaningful message. Like I said earlier, it is a one of a kind story that I have not seen in my few years of anime and Manga reading.
I don’t think I need to tell you but A Silent Voice is highly rated, both personally and by the community.

The premise sounds simple – A group of kids have fun everyday and one day a new classmates joins them, however, she’s deaf. She lend herself to quite a lot of harsh bullying by said group until her mom decided to change her school. As the teachers question the source of bullying, the whole class pins everything to one boy. This changes his life upside-down as he is now the one isolated and bullied, this extends to his high school making him unable to meet people in the face.
All this lead to him almost committing suicide, but before that, he decides to visit the deaf girl from his childhood… How will it all turn out?

(spoilers ahead!)

Make no mistake, as serious as the themes of the story, this is a romantic comedy – It probably has a comedic moment every few minutes. And each and every one of them is good. This is probably the result of having a large amount of source material from the manga and anime season (that I didn’t watch, no point spoiling myself before the movie right?).

I did wonder how it would turn out as a movie, since there is already a anime season, it basically means they are squeezing it into one third to half of the content. Even though I have no idea what it is, but honestly, after watching the movie, I didn’t feel anything missing, on the other hand, I felt I was satisfied and the content was enough. Although I could guess the extra content probably consisted of more filler-ish scenes, like more day to day interactions with the characters, probably a good amount of time dedicated to making amendments to the mum; trying to get her to accept our main character.

Perhaps, (I’m not sure, but perhaps) the anime/manga goes further than the movie? I realised the ending of the movie was our main character feeling reborn basically. As he now has the confidence to meet people and look them straight again. However, he never told Shoko his true feelings, eh? I would have loved to see them not only made up but be together too!

Sometimes, an anime makes me laugh, some makes me cry, some makes me care for the character’s well being, while others make me question my life…
Not a lot of animes does all of the above, and one that does is A Silent Voice/Koe No Katachi.



9 thoughts on “A Silent Voice Movie [Review]

  1. I’m seeing this next week and looking forward to it more thanks to your enthusiastic review! I think slice of life is my favourite genre, partly because I’ve been to Japan and love seeing the towns beautifully drawn and captured.

    1. I think you’ll enjoy it a lot! They visited quite a number of different places!

      Oh, will you be watching Kimi No Na Wa? (or have you watched) it shows off the rural areas and focuses on the landscape and scenery in addition to its captivating story.

      1. Yes, like just about everyone else I loved Kimi No Na Wa – it’s so good – a good film to introduce to my non-anime fan friends. I also watched it with friends that travelled with me to that Hida area and we got very nostalgic!

  2. This is one of the ones that’s grabbed my attention recently (the other being Your Voice). I unfortunatrly won’t get to make any cinema trips for either, but i’m looking forward to them getting DVD/BluRay releases over here in the UK. It really seems like anime is hitting a high in terms of film quality right now.

    1. I too am surprised with the amount of great anime movies coming out /will be coming out! Lots of movies I’m hyped for this year!

      Don’t be down that you cannot experience them in a cinema, it’s the sales of disk that encourage the producers to make more great products!

    1. Always welcome!

      A Silent Voice and your name are probably the most well recieved movies recently! If you do decide to check them out I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

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