ReLIFE [Anime Review]

If you could go back to school again… what would you do differently?

Sometimes I wonder, would my grades be higher if I was part of the go home club? If I had played less League of Legends? Or would I had more fun if I went out more times with more people? I would never know, but Arata Kaizaki is given a magical pill that makes him looks like a middle school student, effectivly allowing him a second go at school life – to Re Life.

At first glance, it would had seemed like the story would be about giant corporate experiments and human guinea pigs. Well, at least that was what I thought, but a few episodes in, I realised that is totally not the case – the series is fully concentrated on the interactions of Arata and his ReLIFE. Even the secret conspiracy and plot twists about the corporation behind ReLIFE project isn’t about some evil mad scientists wanting to take over the world. No, this title is about friendships, overcoming hardships and how a 27 year old NEET gains his enlightenment regarding his social life, learning together with people 10 years younger.

Arata kun, I’m right outside your door~

That said, this is a slice of life comedy, and a great one at that. It has several great running gags and interesting characters to back the story up. Also very good plot and pacing that focuses on different character’s developments, giving them life and connecting the readers with their inner feelings. The manga (which is still ongoing) goes much deeper into each of their pasts and brings them up one by one, and it gives me a very interesting feeling, because some of those issues they face were hinted early in the series, and it feels like small tiny kids issues, until they finally decide to open up and you realize nothing is as simple as it seems. Our main character also realised that going into the series.

I can’t go into too much details as it is very easy to reveal spoilers, however, I will say that this is a series I highly recommend – both for its underlying message of cherishing the present, and it’s comedic value – if you have the chance to read the manga, it literally has a punch line at the end of every single chapter!

Go ahead, start reading ReLIFE and experience re living school life as an adult with this weird cast of misfits!


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