How I started anime (My Anime Journey)

Back when I was just a kid, I didn’t fancy watching live action dramas or fantasy romance movies, I, like most kids my age, liked watching cartoon.

Action cartoon like SWAT Cats, Megas XLR to Ben 10 dominated my entertainment, but from time to time, I chanced upon something different – at that time I didn’t know about the term Anime, but I knew it wasn’t “cartoon” either.

All I knew it has a cool opening song in a language I didn’t understand about two genius fighting a war of intelligence – One finding enough personal information to kill using a black notebook, the other finding enough information to prosecute this unorthodox serial killer, Death Note.

It would be years later what the first anime I watched was a classic.

Well, Misa definitely help piqued my interest. Just a little bit.


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