Anime in 3 Sentences, 2 Tags, 1 Quote

This is a complete list of my anime/manga/light novel summaries in alphabetical order by title in 3 sentences, 2 tags and 1 quote, I try to capture the essence of that series what is unique or worth watching, basically the “hook”. Click the titles to read my reviews.

A Silent Voice/Koe No Katachi

Can we… be friends?

Slice of life, Comedy
A deaf girl joins and elementary class and is subsequently bullied due to her disability, as she change schools, everyone pins the blame on one single guy, so he now is being shunned by the rest, all the way up to high school. As he decides to commit suicide, he decides to make up with the girl he bullied during elementary school. He soon decides not to take his life, but rather to make it up to her somehow.


Someday we’ll part. Maybe be forgotten. But we’re living in the moment. So… make lots of friends, fall madly in love, and enjoy every moment to the fullest.

Slice of life, comedy

A NEET gains the chance to relive his school life by taking a drug that changes his appearances from 27 to 17. However he quickly realises school is not as easy as he thought and slowly discovers how re living school lives will help him get back into society. Features lots of comedic moments yet has a very serious underlying message.

Guilty Crown

The right to use my friends as a weapon, that is the sinful crown I shall adorn.

Action, Sci Fi

A seemingly normal boy gets dragged into the rebel of a “terrorist group” and the dictatorship government forces through the Void Genome. Gaining the power to reach into a person’s heart and materialise their souls as weapons (hence the tag line), he dives straight into the middle of the conflict, constantly questioning his self worth and his relationship with people while attempting to solve the conspiracy behind the virus.

New Game!!

I’ll do by besth! – Wow, she stuttered – No I didn’t!

Slice Of life, Comedy

Follow Suzukaze Aoba as she starts her dream job of a game designer! However working life isn’t as easy as it seems and often brings about comedic results in this very kawaii 4koma. A manga/anime series that will keep you smiling from end to end with its cast of quirky and interesting characters with great pacing and development on all of them.

Online The Comic

We just want entertainment, nothing more, nothing less. Everything is possible in this game – Even finding and killing us (The developers)

Mystery, Horror

A mysterious game called nightmare forces people who receives the console to play this turned based MMORPG, if they lose a life in the game or refuse to play, they will lose the functions of their limbs one by one until all their organs including the heart stops functioning. We follow Yashiro Mai, a seemly ordinary office lady as she gets roped into this game. However, as she dives deeper into the game, it seems that she has a much deeper connection to the origins and mystery behind the game itself.

Sword Art Online

Even if this world is virtual, I believe my friendships here are real!

Action, Game

After finally getting to play the long awaited Virtual Reality MMO, Sword Art Online, thousands of players were shocked to find themselves unable to log out unless the game is fully cleared. This anime follows Kirito, a solo player who’s leading the charge to clear the game, and the events surrounding his adventures, which echos the constant theme of friendship, life and death.