About me! :D



Hi there! I’m Airztonne, I watch animes, read light novels and Manga. All I wanted was a medium to express myself and I wanted to share my views with you so that you can judge if you should watch them too!

There are so many titles every season that we won’t get to watch every single one so check out my anime summarized in 3 Sentences, 2 Tags, 1 Quote to get the general idea.

My mid series reviews comes around halfway in the season to give you a summarization of what had happen so that if it hits your check boxes, you can catch up on the anime in time for its climax!

Last but not least, once in a while I will share other stories like my personal journey in anime.

Thanks for checking my blog! Love to see you around Wooo! 😀



3 thoughts on “About me! :D

  1. Just as a quick heads-up, you seem to have made the link to MAL the link to the website as a whole instead of a link to your personal profile or anime list. Welcome to blogging, hopefully you have a fun time sharing your views on anime with the world!

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