Mind blown by Violet Evergarden’s Writing (Shot little burst of BOOM)

Violet Evergarden: Super hyped anime from it’s announcement (It’s adapted from a competition winning novel IIRC) and really well received anime when it finally aired.
7 mins into it’s first episode I saw the most amazing writing in my life (Probably because I was too shallow when watching movies/shows before XD
So this guy is escorting this girl in a horse carriage, and he brings her 3 different animal plushies to cheer here up.
Girl rejects at first
Guy forces her to at least pick one
Girl takes the dog
Guy asks why
Girl replies “I heard from -some other guy- that you used to be -this other character-‘s dog
Guy chocks and coughs
There is an absolutely mind blowing amount of information just from that single line alone: (Not to mention it reliefs the amount of exposition required)
  1. Background relationship (guy was a subordinate treated like a lackey by -other major character-)
  2. Violet doesn’t understands the double entendre/nuances of words (and probably emotions and all the typical “Deeper” stuff – “Innocence” and social… dysfunction (?) in a sense)
  3. She likes the guy. I originally thought it might be a foreshadow (since that was teased in the opening scene) but I’m pretty sure she actually already liked him considering the context that she specifically chosen the dog and said she associates him with a dog right after.
^Keep in mind I only watch the first 7 mins so I might be totally wrong, but this is what I have understood from the scene and it shouldnt be far off from what the writer’s original intention.
Time to be a video essay anime analyst. No actually what do you actually call them? Is there a term for “People who analyse works of art by considering the creators choice of equipment/casting/script/writing/execution.”?